NBMBAA New Jersey Chapter

The NBMBAA – New Jersey Chapter (“NJ Chapter”), formed in 1983 and incorporated in the state of New Jersey in 1989, has over 350 members with professional experience acquired from both public and private sector organizations. Members are actively engaged in a variety of fields including marketing, finance, accounting, human resources, information technology, telecommunications, general management, in the for-profit and non-profit arena, as well as involved in entrepreneurial endeavors. Members are encouraged to share their expertise by participating in various chapter activities which focus on three themes: career and professional development, cultivating partnerships with local businesses, and community service, with a special emphasis placed on the intellectual development of our youth.



The purpose of these initiatives is to encourage active participation in issues of local, national, and international significance for the chapter’s corporate, business and community partners.

NBMBAA New Jersey Chapter

P.O. Box 28023
Newark, NJ 07101

Phone: (732) 246-2878

Website: nbmbaa-newjersey.org

Email: bmba-info@nbmbaa-newjersey.org

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